• Make Your Site Stand Out with HD

    We recently released our HD Theme, and now we’ve taken off its beta label and set it free in the wild! HD is one of our most unique Themes to date, offering a modern navigation slider and full-screen image galleries.


    We think photographers will especially love HD since it allows for a dramatic arrangement of images when used with a vertical thumbnail display and full-screen images in the slideshow view. Don’t worry though: HD is easily adaptable for anyone who has a penchant for a site with a bit of an edge.


    The release of this Theme also means something very exciting for our team because it marks the completion of updating all our Themes from the old Platform. (If you joined in January or later, you don’t need to worry about this.) That means every single customer can upgrade and keep their Theme of choice. It also means we can move on to Themes and features that are entirely new—and rumor is that you’ll see some new features very, very soon.

    What are you waiting for? Go check out the HD demo site or preview it on your own website now.

Custom Widgets

With our new Theme Platform, you get new features and interactions, as well as fully responsive theme templates.

That means your site can be optimized for any screen, no matter the device. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get started with building your site today!