• A Smarter Mobile Navigation

    Did you know over 20% of visitors to Virb sites are using mobile devices? Or that twice as many mobile devices as PCs were sold last year? It’s true. But there’s no need to worry: Virb Themes were already made to look great on small screens—and now the experience is even better. We just rolled out an improved mobile navigation that makes it easier for your visitors to browse through your site from a phone or small screen.


    For the new navigation, we added the word “menu” to go along with the classic mobile dropdown icon, which gives it more context and prevents any confusion. We also adjusted the logo so it sits front and center above the menu for a more balanced feel and bigger impact.

    Visit any of our demo sites or your own site to see the changes now. Bring on the smartphone revolution!

Custom Widgets

With our new Theme Platform, you get new features and interactions, as well as fully responsive theme templates.

That means your site can be optimized for any screen, no matter the device. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get started with building your site today!