• More Page Options

    Remember those awesome new Pages we announced? Well, we’re already rolling out version 2.0, adding even more options to our Menu and Listing Pages.

    Menu Pages

    Whether you’re a bakery selling cupcakes or a photographer selling photo packages, the Menu Page gives you a super organized way to add and display product information.

    And now, you can display your Menu in either one or two columns to best showcase your offerings. Check out how the styles look in the Nautilus Theme below.

    Two columns:

    One column:

    Listing Pages

    Our new Listing Page is wonderfully versatile and is perfect for a staff/team page, detailed service or product descriptions, FAQs, testimonials, a resume, and so much more.

    Now, you can choose to display your Listing Page as a list or a grid. If you’ve ever examined your content and thought, “That would look great in a table,” look no further: The new grid layout arranges your chunks of information into a sleek grid that’s mobile-friendly and ideal for SEO. And, equally useful, the list layout places your content into tidy rows. See the difference below.



    With these new options, you can create unique layouts to make your content stand out on each page of your site. But don’t take our word for it—log in and try ‘em out!

Custom Widgets

With our new Theme Platform, you get new features and interactions, as well as fully responsive theme templates.

That means your site can be optimized for any screen, no matter the device. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get started with building your site today!