• 3 Smart Ways to Use Maintenance Mode

    Every Virb site comes equipped with a super handy “maintenance mode.” But do you know how or why to use it? Since we’ve just overhauled this page, there’s no better time than now to learn!

    Enabling this mode has always been easy, but now you can do so much more: We’ve added a brand new, modern layout plus full content-editing capabilities to this page. You’ll now have 3 options for page styles: inline, full screen, or our brand new sidebar layout.


    Also, you can now adjust your headline and add custom details in the full content editor. You asked for it, and we heard you loud and clear! So now you see that getting the page to look great is simple. But when should you use it? Read on.

    Use #1: Coming Soon

    One popular usage of maintenance mode is to enable it when starting a new site to add a “coming soon” page. To get people to come back later, consider telling your visitors what to expect from the upcoming site and when it will be ready. You could even integrate an email sign-up form to notify your followers when it’s ready.

    A “coming soon” page is smart because it gives search engines something to keep track of while you’re putting together your site behind the scenes. Plus, if people start sharing that page on social networks or blogs, it’s an added boost to SEO.


    Use #2: Under Maintenance

    Another smart time to enable maintenance mode is when you’re making significant updates to your site. You don’t want visitors using a funky navigation while you rearrange pages or seeing a strange layout while you test out Widgets, right? Just enable maintenance mode and adjust it to let visitors know that you’re making updates and when you’ll be done. You might even consider letting folks know a couple days ahead of time about the upcoming maintenance period if you have a lot of traffic.


    Use #3: Something Went Wrong

    The third common use of a maintenance page is for when things go wrong. While we don’t ever expect that to happen on Virb, you never know when you might accidentally upload the wrong set of images or add a third-party app that has trouble. You can ease your stress and maintain visitors’ trust by quickly enabling a “be right back” page while you fix things up. Maybe even take a tip from Twitter’s “fail whale” and add something friendly to ease your visitors’ stress.


    Been itching for a site overhaul? Starting a new project that’s not ready yet? Just flip on maintenance mode and get started. Prying eyes will just have to wait.

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