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    Ezra Caldwell is surely one of our most incredible and inspiring Virb customers. A former dance instructor, Ezra set out on a new dream by opening his own custom bicycle business in 2007 called Fast Boy Cycles.

    Just as his new business was getting underway, however, life threw him a curveball: he was diagnosed with colorectal cancer and told he wasn’t allowed to ride bikes anymore. Naturally, that didn’t stop him. This determined innovator created a custom bike without any seat at all. Though difficult and exhausting to ride, Ezra used his “Assless Bike” to commute around his New York City home, including riding to and from cancer treatments.


    As his love for mountain biking emerged and grew, his condition worsened until his unfortunate terminal cancer diagnosis last year. This, of course, didn’t stop him either. Ezra set out to build his dream mountain bike using donated parts, which he promised to auction off for charity when he was no longer able to ride it. He calls this build the “Ultimate Tight Ass,” and any cyclist knows that it’s one truly incredible bike.


    The auction for both of these bikes ends today, and all proceeds, as promised, will be donated to the Visiting Nurse Service of NY Home Hospice Program.

    Ezra Caldwell’s continued determination, sense of humor, and passion for all that he does has touched many lives. You can follow along with Ezra on his personal blog, Teaching Cancer to Cry, or on his photography website. We wish Ezra the best and hope that he continues to defy his unfair odds to share his courage and many talents with the world.


    Hear Ezra’s story told in his own words or find more information about the bikes he’s built on his website, Fast Boy Cycles.

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