• Virb for Restaurants

    We’re so excited to reveal that we’re making it easier than ever for restaurants, coffee shops, bars, bakeries, food trucks, ice creameries, and all the other delicious places we love, to get online with Virb for restaurants.


    We know that many restaurants think they can’t afford the time or high cost of creating a quality website, so their sites become outdated, defunct, or even nonexistent. In this digital age, that’s a business killer. With Virb, restaurants can quickly create a beautiful online presence for the price of just a couple lattes a month.

    Fresh-Baked Features

    In honor of this release, we’ve added some new features just for restaurants. First up is a beautiful, easy-to-use OpenTable Widget, designed to match with your existing Theme. Now, with just a few clicks, you can allow your future patrons to make seat reservations right on your website. And, yup, the Widget works great on mobile so your customers can even make reservations on the go.


    We’ve also added more link options for the Social Icons Widget, one of our most popular features. Now, you can add a Yelp and OpenTable link so people can find out more about you or leave rave reviews with ease.

    And with our newly improved Menu and Contact pages, you’re all set to give customers the information they want, no matter how often your head chef changes her mind.


    We’re so excited to welcome restaurants to Virb, and it’s not just because we love coffee, whiskey, and gourmet sandwiches—it’s because we love helping people and their businesses thrive through a great online experience that’s simple to manage.

    Explore what’s possible at

Custom Widgets

With our new Theme Platform, you get new features and interactions, as well as fully responsive theme templates.

That means your site can be optimized for any screen, no matter the device. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get started with building your site today!