• Virb Loves Portland

    We just can’t resist sharing our collaborative project from the Design Week Portland opening party (which, by the way, was a total blast). The project really helped us get to know all the awesome attendees and to learn a thing or two about their city. Check out a before-and-after comparison of the project below (click the image to see details).


    Here’s how it went down: We set up an 8x8’ wall—with only minor injuries—and then drew in a title, a prompt (“What do you love about Portland?”), and some faux frames to give participants an interesting constraint.


    Then, we laid out a bundle of markers and watched as the wall slowly filled up throughout the night. It was great to see designers and non-designers alike flex their artistic muscles and tell us what they love about Portland: the food, the music, the trees, the skyline, the hippies.

    For a little extra fun, we took some shots of our setup process and created this gif. Two hours captured in eight seconds. Whoa.


    We love fun projects like these, especially ones that let us engage with an awesome, supportive community like the one we discovered in Portland. Thanks to all the organizers and attendees for an incredible week!

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