• Featured Site: CARE for Sandy

    It’s been almost a year since Hurricane Sandy swept through New York, destroying homes, businesses, and countless possessions. At Virb, we joined the widespread recovery effort by offering up free Virb sites to any organizations devoted to Sandy relief. One of the individuals who came to us then was Lee Kelly, with her idea for CARE for Sandy (CARE stands for Cherished Albums Restoration Effort).

    CARE for Sandy is a volunteer-backed group that sets out to revive storm-damaged photographs through free digital photo restoration. Why focus on restoring photos? “Because whereas cars, homes and jobs are replaceable, images of mom & dad’s honeymoon, baby’s first steps and great great grandpa’s sole surviving portrait are priceless,” says the group’s website. “Photos contain deep-rooted significance. Photos preserve stories! Photos foster soul and spirit.”

    Since its inception, the group has restored nearly 700 individual photos, gathered volunteers in over 30 countries, and has a repository of over 4,000 photos waiting to be restored (yes, they’re seeking photo volunteers plus helpers of all sorts).


    We’re so proud to support this group on Virb. You can keep an eye out for their upcoming coverage from Al Jazeera that’s set to air on the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy. Bravo to Lee and her awesome team of volunteers for inspiring us all to use our talents and spare time for good!

    See restored photos, volunteer opportunities, and tons of press coverage at

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